Ramblings 12th March !

What a week this has been for us gardeners! Tuesday I woke up to a heavy frost and yesterday it was 15 degrees! Do not be fooled though as it could still stay cold for a while yet! Even if the air temperature is warm, the ground temperature, especially if it is waterlogged can be very cold.

I finally managed to do a bit of heavy pruning to my virginia creeper which every year   covers my garage wall and roof. It looks really nice in the summer with a lovely green roof and the autumn can be spectacular colours. (see photo) However left unchecked I’m sure would cover the neighbours garage as well so every year I give it a hard haircut.

Today was a day of firsts this year! First cut of the lawn and first time having tea outside.  Set the blades high on your mower and if you have a rotary mower and have heavy tufts of grass, walk backwards as these mowers can cope with heavy clumps of grass better this way. (but be careful of toes!)

Check out my task list for the week and the photo of the week and how to grow it. Have a great week gardening. I’m off to the Edible Garden Show next Friday. Stay tuned to hear all about it.

Happy gardening.    Andrew

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