Celebrating the royal baby: 5 blue flowers for a baby boy


Why should gardeners miss out on commemorating the royal birth? Yes, you could buy a plate or commemorative cup and saucer, but what better than a plant that will return every year and grow as Prince George does.

I am not aware of any plants named Prince George, but there are a few named King George. Here are five other blue flowers fit for a Prince:

1. Meconopsis ‘Slieve Donard’

An amazing flower if cultivated well. The sunshine pouring through its large blue flower is a joy and well worth the hard work in growing it.

Meconopsis come from the Himalayas, China and Tibet where there are monsoons in the growing season and temperatures rarely exceed 20oC. This plant needs adequate moisture and moderate temperature. It prefers growing in a high humus content which is rich in nutrients.

In very heavy soils, which are prone to water-logging, this plant will…

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One Response to Celebrating the royal baby: 5 blue flowers for a baby boy

  1. Ian McGregor says:

    Nice one Andrew, I like the ‘blue for a boy’ theme – that sort of approach would also work well with your Metro blog, they are very much into things that connect a topic to our daily lives, lifestyle is the buzzword. I received your text, no ideas immediately flew into my mind although I think a semi-regular ‘lost the plot’ item for the many people with allotments would go down well after the summer’s over. Also, remember the Metro is given away at train stations across the country, plus the tube in London, many of its readers are commuters, so you work in relaxation and general wellbeing messages to the gardening hobby. Oh, the ideas are coming now…..how’s about, if you’re reading this on the train, stressed from another week’s commuting, shut your eyes for a moment and conjure up in your mind’s eye a picture of your garden. Can you smell the scents of the flowers? Then the killer message…’this is the week for pruning you marigold’s (or whatever) !!


    >Andrew Babicz posted: ” ” >

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