Not another wet and windy week?!


With wind forecast and more wet weather predicted to continue well into the near future what can we do if it is too wet to go outside!?

  • Reflect on what you did during the summer. What you did well or badly, and how you can improve. Keep copious notes during the year.
  • Wash pots ready for when those plug plants arrive and you suddenly have to find 40 four inch clean pots!
  • Check your seed packets, see if they are still viable and put into a box in date of sowing order.
  • Browse your catalogues and order your seeds and plug plants.
  • Tidy the shed / greenhouse.
  • Stock up on potting compost.
  • Clean garden tools. Wipe down with an oily rag.
  • Check lawn mower blades. Buy new or have them sharpened.
  • Get petrol engines serviced

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Happy Gardening


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