September in the Garden

September is known to be a drier month than August and this last week has proved that theory, lets hope it continues! There are still lots of things you can do in September in the garden but if you have just got back from holidays, how is your garden looking and what do you have to do to “freshen” it up?

After a long dry spell a bit of watering will revive any garden and its plants. I always hate when getting back from holiday and seeing everything so dry, especially fruit and vegetables as they are more likely to suffer than shrubs. My tomatoes will inevitably split! After watering you can apply a mulch of bark chippings.

However, use the dry period to lift any remaining onions to dry out before storage.

Divide perennial plants, plant trees and shrubs whilst the soil is still warm. Keep mowing the lawn and if you have bear patches consider re sowing or re turfing this month.

Leaves are falling in the dry spell so cover ponds with a fine net to catch them before they enter the water.

My crab apple Malus  “John Downie” is shedding its fruit and with a bumpber crop such as this year has been, means I will be sweeping up apples till December!

Tune in next week to Sunday Best on between 10am and 12 for advice on what to do next week in the garden.





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