What do you get if you cross a Brussels Sprout with Kale?

Answer= A Kalette!


The one on the left is Kale the one on the right a sprout and in the middle, a Kalette!

These are going down a storm in the US. Americans are not very keen on Brussels Sprouts but labelled as a “super-veg” and suppliers cannot keep up with demand!

Kalettes, the product of a marriage between Brussels sprouts and kale, are an exciting new vegetable — the first to be introduced in about two decades.

Most people don’t eat enough vegetables. Kalettes are a new way for consumers to help make veggies exciting, new or different for themselves and their families. The variety helps us all eat more healthfully.


Kalettes are extremely easy to prepare and versatile. They cook faster than Brussels sprouts with less prep work than kale. Find recipes for Kalettes at www.Kalettes.com

• Roast Kalettes in a roasting pan or on a baking sheet, coated with olive oil in the oven at 475 F for 10 minutes.

• Sauté them in a large pan for 5-7 minutes, covering for increased tenderness.

• Grill whole Kalettes in a grill basket and place on medium heat for 10 minutes or until slightly charred.

• Leave them raw and maintain their nutty flavor by slicing Kalettes from stem to tip or slicing off the bottom for small salad leaves.


Kalettes get their great taste by combining the best flavours from the Brussels sprouts and kale, resulting in a fresh fusion of sweet and nutty.

Kalettes are a Brussels sprout-like plant with a tall stem and rosettes forming all the way up to a frilly-leaved top. Their leaves are purple and green.

Tozer Seeds, the largest family-owned vegetable seed breeding company in England, hybridized the Kalette by cross pollinating Brussels Sprouts with kale using traditional methods.

The Brussels sprout and kale are both members of the cabbage family (Brassica oleracea), which are rich in essential nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin K.



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