And in the Papers this week:-

Sunday 9th August

I scan every paper I come across during the week for gardening or gardening related stories and some weeks like this one just gone has plenty and other weeks absolutely nothing! So this is what I spotted this week:-

At this time of the year you always get headlines such as “Man grows giant Squash” You know the type, but one that attracted my attention was “I’d never cook it! Woman displays 7ft long courgette in shed”  This newbie gardeners first go at growing a courgette which she left to grow to 7ft. So many people wanted to see the giant so she dried it and now displays it in the garden shed!

Another headline this week from Robert Crampton in the Times was “Mowing and other fast ways to a happy marriage” Apparently a new book Simple Secrets for Staying in Love mentions:- “When the husband is mowing the lawn on a hot day, for instance his missus should be minded to deliver her horticultural hero a glass of iced water”  I’d rather wait till the end of mowing and have a glass of chilled white wine delivered!

Avenues of trees raise risk from air pollution Scientists have said that Councils should chop down trees because of trapped pollution under their canopies that damage the health of pedestrians below! Yes we all know the benefits of trees absorbing toxins in the air but apparently this is almost cancelled out by the canopy effect! Scary stuff! You can read more by clicking the link above.

And final some good news! New satellite means better forecasts are on the way Good news indeed for us gardeners. Hopefully we will get earlier and more accurate warnings of extreme weather! Again, click on the link for more information.

Happy gardening this week!




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