Has Spring Sprung?

Hardy bulbs bursting through the cold soil in January is a sure sign that spring is on its way. Snowdrops or “Galanthus” its Latin name are amazing. Just as you think that nothing has survived the winter snowdrops appear!

The common snowdrop Galanthus nivalis can do no wrong but if you want something more unusual why don’t you go for a double flowered snowdrop. You could also visit the RHS and see the best 10 snowdrops!


The best time to buy snowdrops is just when the flowers have faded and they still have leaves. This is called buying snowdrops “In the Green” Plant them straight away in a shady part of the garden and wait till next spring!
And if you want to visit a garden famous for Snowdrops why don’t you visit Nymans in Sussex or Walsingham Abbey in Norfolk.


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1 Response to Has Spring Sprung?

  1. Nick says:

    An interesting talk this afternoon Andrew at Thorley U3A Gardens Group, thanks! I think even a non-gardener like me learnt something 🙂

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