I’m On Zoom

I’m on Zoom!

I’m pleased to announce I can now give my talks over Zoom.

As I have Zoom Pro you can have as many participants as you want. Also with Zoom Pro there is no time limit so I can finish my talk and if you want to continue with a business meeting or just a chat you can do that.

For a list of talk click here.

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1 Response to I’m On Zoom

  1. Michael Thatcher says:

    Hello Andrew, I arrange talks to the National Trust Orpington & Chislehurst Centre, and am enquiring if you could do a Zoom talk to us; the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh looks very suitable for us.
    We have had 5 successful Zoom talks so far and attract 89-90 viewers.
    Would you be available for an evening talk at 7.30 pm for about an hour on 10th June, or any of these alternative dates: 1st,2nd,9th,or,11th June, please?
    Many thanks
    Mike Thatcher
    Programme Sec
    07718 345650
    01689 833882

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