Rambling thoughts about gardening!

Sunday 10th February – Bunny Tails!

In the flower garden you can divide congested clumps of snowdrops. However there is some debate whether dividing them in the green is the best way! Some experts are saying that it is best to divide the bulbs when they are dormant in the middle of summer!

And in the greenhouse we should be hand pollinating flowers of peaches and nectarines with a soft brash. My father used to use the tail of a Rabbit. We kept lots of rabbits so I suppose that there was a never ending supply of fluffy white tails for pollinating the tomatoes as well. I never did ask him where he got the tails from!

Sunday 13th January – Snow Forecast!

On the allotment this week I replaced the glass broken last summer in the move. Luckily nothing has been stored that needed it to be frost free. Off to buy a max/min thermometer this week. An essential piece of kit for the greenhouse which will let me know the high and low temperatures when I am not around during the day and night.

Managed to have a small bonfire on Saturday as the wind was coming from the East meaning that the smoke would drift across farm land rather that over the housing estate. Apparently we get complaints from residents.

Sunday 9th December  – Snow!

Weather wise this week has been a real mixed bag! We have had it all, from rain to sun to hard frost to snow! On Friday my window cleaner told me that the forecast for this Christmas was to be worst weather for 100 years! Not sure how they can forecast that far ahead as they could not predict on Tuesday night that it was going to be snow in Brentwood overnight and even on Wednesday morning they were only saying that there has been a light dusting of snow!

So what are we in for this week? Apparently they do not really know! Early predictions were for severe weather but today they were talking about a warm front coming in from the Atlantic. So although we can generalise about what weather is to come, listen in to a local radio station for what the most up to date forecast is!

Cooking With Dahlias?

I did a poll on my website that asked if you loved gardening did you also love cooking. 87% said they loved cooking and gardening, which makes this article even funnier.  Have a look at Naomi’s blog on cooking with Dahlias!

Windy Weather and Coffee Grounds – November 2012

What a week for weather this has been. Today Sunday, the first nice day in a while. We have had so much rain that the ground is sodden…… another excuse to stay inside!

Incredible wind last night and early this morning. As I walked to the studio I could hear wind-chimes rattling away in someones garden and it reminded me of a survey done last year about what was the most irrtatiing thing about your neighbour and wind-chimes came near the top!

One method of keeping slugs away from your prized plants is a barrier of used coffee grounds. You cannot get any from the cafes of Brentwood as one person has got the contract to take it away to his allotment so I was surprsed to see the following in our local hospital……….  must remember to take a carrier bag next time I am there!

Coffee Grounds

Floriade – October 2012

Missed it!  I had planned to go but somehow the weather all summer kept my mind off going to a garden in the rain. You may remember I went to Keukenhof and it was pouring all weekend. I got drenched and just did not want this again!  Still I have always got the next one to look forward to in 2022! I’ll be 67 then! Hope my hips last out!

Holland – September 2012

Went with 4 other “men” on a trip to Holland last weekend and although we did not go to look at the plants, of course I was looking out for some! We visited the war memorials in Arnhem and whilst they were taking pictures of the memorials I was to be found taking pictures of the plants! Plants on bridges, plants in garden, plants on windowsills.

Everytime I go over to Holland I say “next time I’m going to bring my car to fill up with plants!” I kept seeing plants, especially house plants that I wanted to buy!

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