Royal Botanic Garden – Edinburgh

The Palm House

The Palm House

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, one of the first Physic gardens in Britain founded in 1670 by two doctors on a plot no bigger than a tennis court, at a time of great change in an overcrowded medieval Edinburgh full of disease.

In this talk I will tell you about Edinburgh’s history, introduce you to some of the most important plant hunters, show you around the gardens and give you an insight into the workings of a modern botanic garden.

We will also look at Edinburgh’s satellite gardens with their varying growing conditions. Benmore in Argyllshire with its 90″ of rain a year, Logan near Stranraer with its subtropical plants and Dawyck in the Scottish Borders with its giant conifers.

The talk will be accompanied by a selection of digital photographs and lasts 1 to 2 hours depending on your requirements.

To see my complete list of talks go to Talks and Lectures.

1 Response to Royal Botanic Garden – Edinburgh

  1. Mike Libby says:

    Andrew gave this Talk to Hutton Horticultural Society in July 2011 and it was delivered in a relatively informal but highly enthusiastic way that quickly caught the audiences interest. Andrew engaged with his audience well, taking many questions and drawing on his personal experiences in responding. As they left, some of the attendees identified Andrew’s talk as being one of the best thay had experienced. Personally speaking, I have been to Edinburgh many times and so far failed to visit the Royal Botanic Garden – something that I will now make a point of rectifying on my next visit. Highly Recommended !

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