Christmas Tree in a Pot

Peter Ashen asks:-

We bought a live 3ft Christmas tree in a pot . How should we care for it to try and get it through to next year ?

This very much depends on whether the tree was “Containerised” Meaning a field grown tree that was lifted and potted up just before Christmas or a “Container Grown” tree that has spent all its life in a container.

A containerised tree will have damaged roots and will not survive very long. A Container grown tree can either be planted out immediately after Christmas or left in the container for another year. Trees should be potted on annually in a good John Innes No3 potting compost. Keeping them in the pot restricts root growth and helps restrict there size. If left in its container trees should be watered and fed throughout the summer months.

Looked after like this your tree can be potted on each year until the pot becomes too big to lift comfortably.

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